Penelope Maclachlan

Editor specialising in work written by professional people and scholars.

Typical Examples of Editing Work Undertaken

  • theses for Master of Arts degrees (MAs)
  • letters to officials (for example, requests for help and information, or complaints)  
  • curricula vitae
  • job applications
  • essays
  • articles for newsletters and eMagazines
  • poems
  • Portuguese to English translations
  • copy editing
  • pamphlets and fliers
  • website copy


I have known Penelope Maclachlan for over three years. She is the best editor and English teacher I have ever met. She has edited more than 10 projects for me to a thoroughly professional standard. If you need accuracy, honesty, kindness and the job done, choose Penelope. Haroon Omar Mahdi (author of seven books)

I’ve been working with Penelope for years. She is a great asset to our Literary and Arts e-periodical “Whispering Dialogue”. She is a painstaking editor, always ready to engage in discussions aimed at achieving accuracy and clarity. She is eager to understand other cultures, and adapts her editing to  writers’ intentions, whether dealing with a short story, academic study or a factual article.


Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Whispering Dialogue


Proven expertise - a former English Teacher
Specialist in professional and academic work
Fluent in Portuguese - worked for ten years as a Portuguese interpreter

Contact Penelope Maclachlan to find out hows she can help you with your editing needs. She welcomes all enquiries.

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