Editing Services



Penelope Maclachlan will consider any work a prospective client sends her. If she feels she cannot undertake it, she will inform the client and delete from her records any written matter from her/him.

She will not handle any texts which she perceives as intended to incite prejudice, hate or violence. 

On receipt of a prospective assignment she will decide if she is able and willing to carry it out, and advise the client accordingly.  She will respect the client’s confidentiality at all times.


Typical Examples of Editing Work Undertaken

  • theses for Master of Arts degrees (MAs)
  • letters to officials (for example, requests for help and information, or complaints)  
  • curricula vitae
  • job applications
  • essays
  • articles for newsletters and eMagazines
  • poems
  • Portuguese to English translations
  • copy editing
  • pamphlets and fliers
  • website copy

Contact Penelope Maclachlan to find out if she can help you with your editing needs. She welcomes all enquiries.

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